Owning a mine is often said to be owning a pot of gold, only that this gold is buried deep inside the earth and you will have to dig it out. Suppose you owned this mine. You need to firstly identify the points where you’ll plant the dynamite. Then you need to monitor the blast-effect and identify the places where mining can be initiated. This will entail a survey which is going to cost you some money. Now that you have blasted away earth let us start digging, you need to keep monitoring your mine, to check if someone is stealing from your mine. You need to also observe the pattern in which your mine expands and make sure you only dig the resource rich area. While you deploy ways, and means to gather data, how are you going to get it processed. Surely by now you may have a feeling that owning a mine is more difficult than digging in it.


You can sit back while we help you, plan each and every step with DROSNAS for GIS –

  • Reduce time and effort of surveying, improving turnaround time
  • Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM) for pre & post-blast analysis
  • Increasing efficiency and safety of loading and hauling operations, while keep personnel away from risk
  • Identifying maintenance needs and performing aerial inspections of critical infrastructure
  • Reconciling stockpile information for management and accounting purposes
  • Compatible & Portable data that can be plugged into GIS engines for effective further analysis