Drone Swarm Navigation System (DROSNAS), is a first-of-its kind platform in the world which is meant for enterprise deployment of drone swarms, enabled by the use of Cloud Technology. It handles the flight of drones right from start-to-end, integrating with itself use-case specific applications. This platform is being developed keeping the era of IoT in mind, wherein Smart Drones will be the workhorse. Some features to name:-

  • Pilot-less flying
  • Automated Flight monitoring, equipped with Failsafe systems
  • Flight monitoring & supervision by the server and user
  • Dual Autopilot system which ensures fight stability & navigation
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Ability to handle multiple drone flights at the same time
  • Equipped with D-TCAS, drone monitoring tool
  • Open to integration


Let us go to a modern-day metropolitan city of an emerging economy. It is the era of Internet of Things and Cloud (not the rainy one). You are an upcoming new-age retail store. You decide to experiment with Drone delivery of groceries (with the permission of the Govt. obviously). So, you buy a drone. You hire a drone pilot and the service starts. Soon the customers like the fancy idea of drone delivery and you also like the extra charge they are willing to pay for the delivery. For you the running cost is pretty low (the Battery charging, the salary of the pilot and maybe something else). Slowly you realize you need more drones, so you buy one more. Then another, and another… Money is good with you, you decide to expand operations – Open another store in another locality. There also you install this system. Now you have a fleet of drones flying. But you soon start realizing, the competition is picking up, you feel the need to cut costs. The biggest recurring expense is the drone pilot, but you can’t cut him!? You want a record of past drone flights — none exists.. You want an efficiency analysis of pilot’s — none exists.. You start thinking that maybe it is a cost center that you need to cut. But….. How do you do it?


We tell you how, use our Swarm Navigation System.

This system is equipped with these –

  • Autonomous mode of flight
  • Two-way communication between Base and Drone
  • UI panel for observation
  • Database for logging trips, orders and user data
  • Emergency Call-back option
  • SMS alerts for your client to approve / abort delivery
  • GPS / GSM enabled all-weather communication backbone
  • Plug and Play style of operation
  • Option to draw your own flight path

So next time you send your drone out, make sure it is on our platform. Drop us an e-mail for more information on CNS.