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R2 Robotronics, a company incubated and funded by Jaarvis Accelerator, India’s leading tech startups accelerator was given an opportunity by Delhi Startups and MSME Development Forum at India International MSME Expo 2016 to showcase their main idea and the product – the Cloud Navigation System, a drone swarm management platform, meant for enterprises. The system enables enterprises to deploy drone swarms, while eliminating the need of a pilot. The entire system runs using dual autopilot system, which ensures flight safety and navigation effectively, over the Internet. If you have flown a drone or witnessed a drone flight, this is Drone 2.0, the next level of technology in this space.

Their stall was visited by the Union Defence Minister, Sh. Manohar Parrikar, who had a discussion with them on the applications for the system and the in-built safety mechanisms incorporated inside the system.

He was highly impressed by the fact that they are one of the first companies in India to possess such a technology and the rapid scale at which the system can be deployed. They are hopeful of taking this discussion forward with him and eventually supply the system to the Armed Forces.

They also had an opportunity to show their product to Sh. Ramesh Abhishek, Secretary, DIPP (Dept. of Industrial Policy and Promotion). Team R2 Robotronics interacted with him on the technology behind it and its uses in the Indian Civilian and Military sectors. Right from uses in the agricultural sector to industries for surveillance, R2 Robotronics team explained how different use-cases can be addressed. Other senior officials from various departments of the govt. also visited the stall and were greatly impressed by the product.

To end the event, R2 Robotronics won the “Best Innovative Tech Startup”.

The Drone Industry is estimated to reach a size of US$13 billion by 2022, growing by a CAGR of more than 50%. India is expected to be around US$1.1 billion, with 60% of it resting with Defence sector. Last year alone saw startups globally raise nearly US$500 million in this particular industry. Drones can be used for the following –

• Crowd Monitoring
• Drone Delivery
• Drone Surveillance
• City Planning
• Border Security
• Crop Seeding / Dusting
• GIS enabled solutions
• Disaster relief

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